About WEW


Empower…… Strong word ain’t it? Often used as a word to label Beyoncé’s girl on top, hit singles “Cigars on ice, cigars on ice, feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill” (seriously who smokes cigars on ice?! If you do I’d love to meet you). With hearing awesome lyrics like that (insert sarcasm) and getting a fair idea of what empowerment looks like in today’s world, I definitely won’t make the cut for being one to empower. I’ve decided to chuck on a cape, break the stereotypes and make some sort of a difference in how us ladies see empowerment.

Fresh, lighthearted and relatable. Woman empowering women (#WEW) will be a modern approach on empowerment, a place for one to share their story and use their voice (or typing skills) that’ll hopefully build or lift another just by simply doing them (now that’s what I call empowerment).

It’s real life, real talk, whether she’s living the dream or starting one. Keep an eye out, you might see someone you know!