Faux Fur

The on trend fluffy heels/slides that all girls are diggin’, you either love these or hate them, Well for me, I’m 100% in love! I love them so much, I found a way to make my own, I can’t deny a good DIY bargain and having the chance to make my clothing a little different from the rest. 


Got some DIY time to whip these together? Details below.

You’ll need:

A pair of slides or pain strap heels

A hot glue gun

Your preferred faux fur, I purchased mine from Spotlight for around $10


Measuring tape/Ruler

Step one:

Measure the strap on your shoe, length and width, and mark up the measurements on fur (non fur side), add 2-3mm to the width so you can glue down on edges.

Step two:

Cut out fur and glue on shoes, edges are to be glued down last. Practice positioning the fur before gluing, looking at the direction, I wanted my fur to face downwards, towards my toes.

Step three:

Trim and cut off any bits hanging over the strap. Clean up your fur, cutting and trimming  where necessary (Right shoe trimmed)



And now you should have a cool pair of fluffy slides or heels!




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