Manukau heads light house / new zealand

From the car park, 120 easy stairs bring you to the Lighthouse and Signal Station lookout. Take a stroll around the Light keeper’s balcony and get your partner to snap a Instagram worthy picture of you, taking in views of the Waitakere Ranges, Auckland City and the whole of Manukau Harbour. If you’re after some moody pictures, visit right before the light house closes for awesome sunset pictures like we did. 


Also 240 metres directly beneath Manukau Heads Lighthouse the surging surf is the only refuge of one of the world’s rarest marine mammals, Maui’s Dolphin. 



Manukau Heads Lighthouse is located atop Awhitu Peninsula on the south side of the Manukau Heads, click here for map

Free parking available

Gates are open 9am to 5pm daily

Free entry, but donations to help with maintenance are welcome (Look for secure box inside main door)

Spacious grounds and stunning views with toilets provided but no drinking water

Portable BBQ’s permitted

No open fires allowed





2 thoughts on “Manukau heads light house / new zealand

    1. Heya! It’s quite a drive through country road, you would probably only get public transport for the first half. You could check Google maps and search manukau lighthouse it gives you options on how you’d like to get there.


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