op shop

All you quirky, eccentric gals who love a bargain and are vintage hunters and gatherers, here’s some Op shop tips I’m sure you’ll appreciate. Besides the attic, moth ball aroma that comes with your goods, I love a good op shop bargain, you could say it’s like pre-loved, vintage Kmart.


If you are wanting to check out some stores, just to y’know check some stores out and you have no idea what to look for, here’s some ideas you might like

I haven’t quite got to this yet but it’s definitely a cool idea 


Find some cool furniture that you could possibly paint

Revamp chair

DIY floral frames, for photo booth or decorations. I did this for my wedding but had the flowers inside the framing

floral frames

Embroidery seems to be the in thing now, how about patching up a denim jacket or 2?

denim jacket

DIY some cool jars for vases



Get a fair idea of what you’re looking for, this could be furniture, denim, vintage clothing, frames or crockery. The list is pretty much endless. 



Google possible places where you could shop. I find that op shops out south are generally cheaper and your “up market/flash” suburbs as in Remuera, New market, Takapuna and Ponsonby (if you’re an Auckland gal), can be a tad bit pricey BUT you’ll definitely get your hands on some brands. Last year in Ponsonby I scored a Trelise Cooper dress for $40 which was basically brand new (insert cool emoji). 


Eat a hearty breakfast to get that needed energy so you can be bothered, you’re not gonna find your dream denim jacket on an empty stomach, most op shops open and close early too.

I found the top and jeans I’m wearing below, by looking through many racks and being simply, bothered.




As well as preparing, you could look into buying a few things you could alter, as in taking off sleeves, adding ruffles or changing buttons. If you don’t have a sewing machine or the skills, find someone who does, but remember to pay them somehow, you don’t wanna be one of “those” people.


If you’re in my area, here are some of my favourite spots


Best for finding branded items


Prices vary, a good mix of vintage and branded items

Mangere Bridge

Mix of cool clothing, vintage frames and painting and crockery and glasses. Not too bad for prices either


Cheap as chips here and really good finds for Denim

Salvation Army stores

Best for furniture buys! They often have half price sales from time to time (you can tell I’m a tad stinge can’t you?)


SPCA stores

Any SPCA store really, Auckland wide. Pro animals all the way!


Habitat for humanity stores

Good for vintage furniture, crockery and clothing

Here’s a helpful link, search op shops near you, NZ wide



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