port vila / vanuatu

Last year, Aaron and I got to celebrate our honeymoon in beautiful Port Vila, Vanuatu. We were actually fortunate enough to book our flights and accommodation through a friend who worked at Flight Centre at the time, which made things super easy for us during our wedding prep!

You’re probably thinking…”ugh another travel post”. Well, don’t exit too soon, here’s a picture to hopefully lure you in and keep you interested.  


Now that I’ve gained an audience, if you ever get the chance to visit, you might catch a few fella’s roaming around Port Vila Township charging a couple bucks for you to hold these so called Lizard’s they freely took from Cascades waterfall (I’m pretty sure it was legal?). As you can see I’m not that much of a fan but it did make you laugh!

Our resort https://www.breakas.com was amazing and would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. Our 7 night stay looked a little like this.

– Resort located right on Breakas beach


– Adult only resort, perfect for honeymooners and all you loved up couples


– A complimentary drink and necklace on arrival

– Friendliest group of staff who offer full service. Want your pizza on the beach, pool side or brought to your room? No problem!

– Cute bungalow rooms with open, outdoor showers (ooh la la)


– Complimentary breakfast every morning

– Open kitchen for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

– A pool, beach side which is located next to the open bar


– Free use of beach chairs, beach side tables and umbrellas, life jackets, kayaks and paddle boards for the beach. Aaron got to test all equipment and let’s just say he capsized every time….. In front of the entire resort


– Free activities within the resort – Introduction and welcoming to Breakas resort for any new comers, basic scuba diving training, cultural cooking lessons and a guided tour of the neighbouring village.


– Entertainment throughout the week, such as cultural performances, Jimmy the karaoke whizz who can be Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Bob Marley all at once, Aaron and I LOVED JIMMY!  


– Candle light dinners on the beach with full waited service (so romantic)


Sold it haven’t I? Resort aside, we were also able to book daily activities.

We did a bit of horse riding (I know, I feel sorry for Aaron’s horse as well, that’s a large man).




We booked a guided day tour of Port Vila, stopping at popular spots and learning a lot about the ways of the people.





Anyone Westpac customers?



We also spent a day at Hideaway Island snorkelling which was cool, the black and white sea snake I saw, not so cool. While waiting for our water taxi, I saw these kids cracking open some sort of fruit, I don’t know what I ate but they offered me some (I don’t even eat much fruit and veggies and I said yes to some foreign fruit). 







Last but not least, spend a day in the township and definitely take a look in the markets, I found one of the coolest jumpsuits here.  



If you really are feeling this place, here’s a few tips. Buy your snacks from the local dairy and bring it back to your resort (I’m sure it’s allowed, I did it a lot). Stop and talk to local villages, everyone we met were super friendly, I even considered living in Port Vila, y’know become a dairy owner or something. Lastly, if you have space, pack any old toys or clothing and bring them with you, spend a day handing them out at local villages, I wish we knew to do this before we came.




4 thoughts on “port vila / vanuatu

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of anyone going there before. It looks so amazing! Such a pity you didn’t know about the toys thing sooner but at least you have the chance to pass on the message 🙂


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