Yesss, super stoked to be sharing on the blog of one of my OG Instagram friends! A bit about me I’m 27 and have been married to my amazing husband for 10 years (yes I was a child bride). We have three amazing kids, Isaiah (10), Hosanna (7) and Zakariah (4).


Next month we are moving from Nelson to Auckland to plant a Annesbrook church and we can’t wait!

Dream. For each person to find purpose in what they adore to do! For all people to live in freedom and know what it is to experience perfect love.


Define. One moment that defined me was in February 2016 when I went in for surgery after finding out I had a brain aneurysm. Before that, I struggled with anxiety after having my third child and just could not find a way through living in fear daily.

When I found out I had a brain aneurysm and I needed urgent surgery it pushed me into a choice – Am I going to trust God? or am I going to do this on my own strength? I chose to trust – from that moment of trusting I have never struggled with anxiety that crippled me with fear and quality of life daily. My surgery was unsuccessful which was not ideal but I know my plans and my days are in God’s hands and that even though things don’t go as planned or life doesn’t work out how we imagined it to, it is essential for us to Trust. The defining moment was a choice, if we don’t choose to face up to what limits us we will always stay stuck! #everydayimusttrust


Style. I am a lover of black which coincides with a minimal look. I love adding one feature item to my outfits whether it’s a popping lippy, scarf, jacket on or even fun socks!


Inspire. I am inspired by anyone who has been through a challenging situation and chooses to rise above – I remember when I was in labour with Isaiah my eldest and was saying two things – If women in Africa can do this in a hut, I can do it in this fancy hospital (a little embarrassing now but I was 17) and God will not put me through anything I can’t handle!

When I see, women rising above situations from all over the world, I’m inspired to live a little less selfish and a whole lot braver. Because if they can do it – I can do it!


Empower. Don’t lose heart, if you are going through a challenge. There is an end and you will get through it. Whether you’re a Christian or not I challenge you to give trusting in God a shot. Life is for living in freedom – the future is bright and you got this!


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