The things I have now, that I never knew I needed.

Qalo rings.

Not that I’m an exercise extremist but it is nice to let the exercise world know that I’m a Wife.  My husband and I got these rings as gifts, definitely a need for the husband, he has a bit of muscle on him and is about that CrossFit life, I don’t want Barb helping him with any 1 rep max dead lifts.


Wheat bag.

The doctors are right when they say I should be on a FODMAP diet, slowly getting there but this helps in my times of mozzarella overloading and pasta eating. It’s even pretty as well and only $9, good one Kmart. Also good for the husband as well, he’s always getting injured.


Note books.

Good to journal, note take, create to do lists etc. Kmart has some pretty cool styles/sizes available.


Dr. Libby’s wellness book.

I’ve wanted this book for a while now, it’s all about women’s wellness with such scenario’s as “my hair is falling out a lot, why?” and “I have dry patches of skin on my face, what could it be?” It’s about us Women getting to know how our bodies work from the inside out. Oh, it has a pretty cover too.


Tea & Coffee travellers.

Your Peppermint tea and Coffee on the go has never looked so cool, thank you Glassons and Kmart.


Multi-purpose make up/travel bag.

An essential when travelling, I’m able to split my toiletries and make up and have them in one cute little bag.


A good face cleanser and face cream.

A definite NEED, my go to’s are nothing fancy but brands I trust, L’Oréal Skin perfection day cream or serum and L’Oréal Mineral face cleanser. Both a pretty quick application in the shower and after. Slowly but surely fighting any forehead wrinkles day by day, my 27 year old skin is doing pretty well.


A good deep pore facial clean.

I’ve seen the craze for charcoal masks but haven’t actually got round to testing them out, I’ll get there eventually. As I warm up to the idea of having what looks like a very patient fight removing duct tape from your face, I’ll stick to my Biore Nose strips, it definitely does the job.


Your go to sneakers.

Find a good pair that would go with your dresses, denim, culottes, skirts etc. It was my black chucks for a couple of years but there past their use by date so I’ve had to move on to my Puma creepers.



Just putting it out there but it is something we all need, some good honest truth that builds us as individuals. The world today is crazy and is changing constantly and most of the time it isn’t for the good. As a Christian it’s a daily decision to build that relationship with God and ask for his help rather than do it alone and no, it’s not a religion. So far so good, God is pretty cool when you let Go and let God and see what he can do rather than what I can.


What’s your essentials? Let me know, I probably need them too!


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