South island road trip / new zealand

If you’re ever in the South Island, New Zealand, make sure you’ve booked time for a Tiki-tour outside of your destination. My husband and I thought Queenstown was beautiful until we took a small roadie north.


We spent our anniversary in Queenstown then had 3 days to travel in our not so “cool” Silver Nissan Sunny (most expensive rental car we’ve ever hired, c’mon NZ!). Our overnight stops were Lake Tekapo and Wanaka then back to Queenstown for our flight home.


During our journey there were a few cool spots and amazing look outs U-turn worthy. I’ve listed what was on our way if your road trip game. 

You’ll pass this after Queenstown. My husband and I were going to do this but it was a tad bit cold and windy, so it was a N O from us. Looked pretty cool though!

Soon after you’ll pass some pretty awesome views of the Kawarau gorge and the Roaring meg look out.

Kawarau Gorge

This was probably at our 1 hour 30 minute mark, you’ll get the opportunity to pull over and take pictures at the Lindis pass look out. Please don’t be a rookie like me and pull over like Vin Diesel and freak your husband out, well, actually you could for a laugh.

Lindis Pass


After you pass Omarama town ship you’ll see a turn for the clay cliffs on your left, definitely worth the visit and you may need some change for the donation bucket before you enter the gates. If you have a smaller car like us expect the worst 10-20 minute drive of shaking away at 5kmh as the road is super rocky and bumpy. Great for perseverance and patience training.

Omarama Clay Cliffs


Lakes below you could visit on your way, you only live once but probably wont happen if your other half is tired and can’t live out the extra 30minute drive.

Lake Benmore

Lake Ohau

At this point you’ll start to see aqua blue waters on either side of you. I’m pretty sure it was around this time of the road trip that Aaron got a nice whack to the chest because he had to wake up see how blue this water was. As you can tell I’m a real sweet and tender Wife. You can also stop for what is named NZ’s best Salmon (I really couldn’t tell the difference between Pak n save and Countdowns reduced to clear salmon fillets, so I wouldn’t know).


Definitely stop here! Aaron and I were speechless we had never seen anything so beautiful, we’ll he had already…..which was obviously me.

Lake Pukaki




Awesome spot to stay below if crashing in Lake Tekapo, you’re literally on the Lake! Don’t forget to stay awake for star gazing, unfortunately it was real cloudy, so no stars for us.


 Definitely check out the church of the good Shepard. Your probably best steal a pic from Google, it’s pretty much tourist central here.

Church of the good shepherd

Our last pit stop was Wanaka, cloudy and quite wet but we did manage to visit Puzzle world and complete the maze (difficult level) in like under 40 minutes, just saying. Definitely good Coffee, food and Gelato.  

20170119_102905 2

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



After seeing New Zealand in it’s true form, I’m definitely all for visiting every part of my home country before adventuring abroad.

Go on and book that trip, you wont regret it (well, maybe only the price for a rental car).


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