Hi, I am Zoe, Mama bear to four beautiful blessings Henry and Theo who are two years old and identical twins and Harlow and Noah who are just seven weeks old and are fraternal girl/boy twins. I have a beautiful husband Junior who has an old soul and a kind heart, we have been married for four years this year. Can you believe that? Four incredible years and four incredible little humans. Before I became a stay at home Mama I was a short haul flight attendant for Jet Connect Qantas, I loved working in the skies and jet setting but I knew that it would all be over once I decided to have little mini me’s who actually turned out to be mini Juniors. You nourish and carry these babies and they all come out looking exactly like their Daddy. Luckily I happen to think he’s ridiculously good looking so it’s okay! Over the years I have free lanced doing Hair, Make Up, Gel Nails and Organic Spray tans which I absolutely loved doing, this is something I will always dabble in as I love to make Women feel and look beautiful. In recent months I have started a blog called Blessed In Doubles which is a place that I can be exactly who I am, share our journey and have a creative outlet. I am also a Parenting Columnist where I have my own column and write every month on “Life with four children two and under”.

Dream. There are so many things I want to do in this lifetime. But my ultimate dream is to raise strong, independent, caring and loving humans and I work damn hard every single day to do that. I want to travel the world with my beautiful family immerse them in all different cultures, food and adventures. My dream for myself is that I turn my Blessed In Doubles into something lucrative. My amazing Mama was always home for us and I want to be able to do the same for my children. Working from home and doing what I love is definitely the dream.


Define. My defining moment was when we moved to back New Zealand after living in Australia for four months. Before we moved we didn’t appreciate the beautiful country that we live in enough, we didn’t realise how important it was for us to raise our family around our friends and family. We wanted more instead of being grateful for what we already have, in saying that wanting more is not a bad thing but you have to consider that what you are wanting is enriching you as a person and not just on a temporary basis. Now that we are home we are living more of a minimalistic lifestyle, we do not want for things, we crave adventure and experiences and spending time with those closest to us. I will always appreciate and love the beautiful country we live in and I am so glad we are lucky enough to raise our children here. Its a lesson that has truly defined who I am and where I want to be.


Style. My style makes me laugh, I’m either looking really comfortable in one of the many sexy nighties I own, or wearing one of my cute breastfeeding dresses that I have, I wear a lot of active wear when 80% of the time it’s highly likely that I haven’t been active and then you will find me at the total other end of the spectrum where I am all dolled up with full hair and make up and a pretty dress!  I love anything girly but a little bit sexy, I love colour and patterns but I also live for black! Anything that I can just chuck on that’s going to look good without having to think about it me. Oh and it has to be comfortable and semi suitable for breastfeeding. It feels so good to not have a massive twin belly to cater for anymore. My body is slowly going back to normal and I can not wait to reinvent myself and invest in a new wardrobe. Watch this Space.


Empower. I have always and will always encourage everyone I meet to be exactly who they are and own it! Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing or thinking, just be the best version of you. If you want to do something, do it because the only thing stopping you is yourself. Put self doubt to the back of your mind and focus on all the positives in your life. Stop and take a deep breath and do absolutely nothing every once in a while, give thanks and show gratitude everyday, appreciate and love the people you have in your life. And the most important thing is to remember to be to kind and gentle to yourself, you can’t even imagine the positive changes you will go through when you treat yourself as well as you would treat others.


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