#HSOTG / waiheke island

Do you have any free dates up until 19th February? Don’t worry if you miss out, the trail is a yearly thing.

Well, an easy-ish sculpture trail walk along Matiatia Bay, Waiheke island is calling your name.


What is it?

A 1-2 hour artistic trail with 30-40 odd sculptures and Waiheke Island as your back drop. On the humorous side you may find yourself Large honey Puff cereal, Nana’s weaving up in the tree, 3 cement blocks in the ground which will cost you around $20,000, borrowed props from the X-Factor and a clay sculpture which should be questioned. Don’t worry there are actually a few good ones that deserve the visit.











Getting there?

The Ferry terminal in Waiheke is right next to the gulf, so no need to take your car. Bus into the city and jump on a Ferry at the downtown terminal. As you hop off your Ferry walk towards the white tents where your shuttle buses will be, this bus will take you to the start of the trail. If you’re Usain Bolt you could probably run up the hill at the end of trail, sculpt those calves and save yourself $5. There is also a donation for the trail, if your feeling generous give a couple bucks please.

Costs below for packages for the day.

Deals, yes please!


Will I sweat?

Don’t worry, you can still put that face on and there’s no need to dress for your next spin class, the walk isn’t too bad and I’m the most unfit person you’ll ever meet (15 stairs = dead). I wore my chucks which got a tad bit dusty, culottes and of course one of my #nettynimo scarves, definitely trail ready!


Can I bring my dog?

Of course you can and the ferry is free for them also. Bowie (my brothers pug Aka my nephew) was with us and he didn’t walk at all. Just putting it out there you may need to carry your pet if they’re queens. Also kid friendly as well (can you tell I love my animals).



This kid casually strolled over and started pushing his toy car on this sculpture while Bowie was posing. Don’t worry his mum authorised the photo.


Pack food in your back pack/handbag or have lunch/dinner in the big tents at the end of trail, also kid/dog friendly! Ice creams, Pizza’s, Fries, Pavlova and a DJ on site what more could you want after accomplishing your walk.

Enjoy, Bowie sure did!



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