Queenstown / new zealand

Before we start, I’m just gonna say I was the ultimate rookie packing my suitcase! With all my summer clothes, 1 zip up hoodie, 1 bra, 2 pairs of socks, Jandals, Sandals and my chucks I wasn’t really thinking. Oh yeah, I also forgot my charger.

In a short blurb Queenstown is beautiful, a place like no other and also special, since my husband and I got to spend our 1 year anniversary here. I must add it is a tad bit foreign (you might think your overseas with all these accents greeting you).


If you follow my IG you probably saw what I got up to, no point writing a 1,000 word essay on my thoughts on Queenstown. I’ll help you out and create some sort of what you can do in Queenstown list if you haven’t been yet.


Decide whether your wanting to see Queenstown in it’s true form or when the weathers a bit warmer. I’ve done summer and winter,  you definitely have to do both when you get the chance.


Book in advance and search for deals on accommodation and rental cars, we found prices were a bit much for our 2004 Nissan Sunny and small apartment. Maybe it didn’t help we came in peak season while everyone’s on holiday.


Once you’ve settled in and had a chance to take in your daily views, go for a roam in the town, get a feel for it and visit the Cookie time bar to start the trip right (I think I had a few too many).



Be a tourist, get out there and do some activities. My husband and I ended up doing the Luge and the KJet boat. We tried to find discounts on the luge but they were all pretty much the same, either saving us $2 or $5. I booked KJet online and did the 9am slot, saving us around $60 (as you can tell I like my bargains). You can do something a bit more adrenaline pumping but I’ll leave that to you (if you’re rich and game).




Pack lunch and some decent walking shoes (Chucks or Vans will do) and take a trip to Arrowtown. Check out the town, by some fruit from the damn good fruit stall (just letting you know Fan Bingbing bought fruit from there, so all the Bingbing fans love this stall). Check out the Chinese settlement and walk a few tracks that are near by. On your way back to Queenstown head to Lake Hayes, park under the trees and enjoy the view and your lunch.







Go on, buy a top or 2. My husband and I had to get a little somethin’ somethin’ from Huffer. I also love Op-shopping while travelling but mate, Salvation Army were over priced, they had a leather coat for $400! I was gonna need salvation after that price tag.



My husband and I did a lot of eating here and I’m also the ultimate picky eater of all time, so if I liked it I’m sure you will. I’ve made it easy for you, links below.

Torro Kitchen

Good food, vibes and service. Also good at catering for you if something isn’t on the menu.

Captains Restaurant

Halloumi Salad (without beetroot) hands down, best salad of my life. Also very intimate if your the romantic kind.

Vudu Cafe

Eggs benny are 100%, this place is always busy as well!

The cow

Dim lighting and a cool experience. Delish pizza as well, if theres only 2 of you eating there’s a chance you may need to share your table. There always busy and they don’t take bookings.

Madam Woo

A cool/hip restaurant with a modern, funky twist on Asian fusion. Something on the menu for everyone.


Another cool Pizza place, friendly and a bit more relaxed. Cranberry chicken and brie pizza and the Honey soy wings yet again, 100%.

Botswanna butchery

If it’s a special occasion book a private room at no extra cost, super luxe and amazing service. Definitely a place to take the partner, meat central. I’ll leave you with three words, french onion soup.

Cookie bar

One word, Smores.



You HAVE TO add chocolate all over your ice cream.


Ferg Burger

The only time we could order a burger was in the morning. Instead of an hour wait during lunch or dinner we ended up waiting maybe 15 minutes. We also ticked off Ferg baker since it was next door, YES to banoffee tarts. Amazing burgers that’ll have Breakfast and Lunch covered.


Balls and Bangles

Go all out on either a Donut or Bagel, I did both. Yum, yum and YUM.




Not really in Queenstown but if your flash, go and book that reservation in Arrowtown. Worth the experience but I probably wouldn’t go again, a bit flash for me. I did love the The blue door which is a hidden rustic bar slightly hidden away in an alley. Grab a drink and finish your night by the fire.

I hope you’re booking tickets soon! Now for our next adventure, Queenstown to Lake Tekapo.


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