Yup, we gone done it now, we ate too much over Christmas! If you’re a fruit salad like myself you wont find many greens in our Christmas feasts. Possible sides to go with your BBQ meat will be those Banana’s in Coconut cream, Chop Suey, Taro, Fry bread that’s only best buttered and if your lucky and you’ve got last minute fam, KFC will definitely on menu. There are more options, but I wont ruin your 2017 body goals so early in the year. Since it takes awhile to lose the flab, what will one with it’s body? I can help you with this one.  



Oversized, a trend that could either make or break you, you’ll need a bit of confidence with this one. This style is definitely one of my faves and something I ALWAYS turn to since I have no body goals (I really should though). The dress I’m sporting is actually a 16-18 but it seems to work for me, if I wanna dress it up I’ll probably low bun my hair, chuck on some heels, pop my tassel hoops on, add a belt and wear a slip underneath.  If your wanting to give it a go, a few tips and tricks should help you be on your way.


– I like to find oversized clothes that have little seams as possible, less shaping the better it’ll sit on you

– I find Oversized is best for Jumpers, Knits, Jackets, Cardi’s, tops and dresses that have no shaping

– The taller you are the better, you won’t get lost in the baggy

– If you’re on the shorter size, play with lengths and different types of baggy to get a feel for what suits you

– Wear a belt to add shape around the waist area

– Pair tops with skinny’s or balance out the baggy and go flared instead

– Tuck tops in, I tend to tuck in where my pant button is and I’ll tuck only at the hem to get a bit of length

– Roll your sleeves if you like, both my husband are creatures of habit and all our shirt sleeves are either rolled or folded


Need more Oversized tips, check out HarperandHarley’s oversized tips, she’s a babe thats always on trend.

My dress, here.




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