So this date marks my very first wedding job!

A lot of improvising but we got it done, biggest shout out to my husband who was super calm through it all and did all the manly stuff, he’s definitely my better half. As you can tell he’s super cool too! 


The ceremony in Cornwall Park was definitely my fave, an easy set up with a beautiful back ground and simple deco. As you can tell by the amount of photos the weather was perfect for it.




The reception to be honest (#TBH), was a bit of a struggle, time and Auckland weather wasn’t on my side. The head table covers never arrived so we had to work with black, for every table I set up nicely, an awesome gust of wind blew and pushed everything down, I learnt a thing or 20 from this outdoor wedding. With only one heavy duty clear cello tape roll, everything had to be taped down, all sides of every tables and even the burlap, for what I thought would be a quick set up ended up being a good 10-15 minutes for every table. Another needed shout out to the guys below for helping with the table set up. Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel and we got around to finishing, the reception was ready for guests until……4.45pm came around and decided it would be nice to rain for 10 minutes. I only managed to get one good picture, all tables were soaked and I really didn’t know what to do….Thanks to my  new deco. crew for having a laugh, casual/swaggy pic in the rain anyone?


At the end of it all it ended up being a beautiful day, Thank God for a relaxed Bride and Groom and guests who definitely set the tone for the reception #realMVPS.



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