In all honesty I’ll never pay big bucks for an outfit, I just cant, only because I wear something a few times then I’m on to the next. All up this outfit was $120 (bargain hunter of the year) this includes the heels, culottes, top and handbag, quite the score for my Husband and I, why Husband? I and my don’t exist, it’s now OUR money. An expensive outfit isn’t really needed……Unless it’s something really really cool that you need and it’ll last and stay in style all seasons. Some tips on looking for that cheap but oh so good, looking expensive outfit?




Let me take you on a journey…

– What’s the theme of what your attending – I had a wedding and it was formal so I knew I had to dress up and make the effort

– First off find your style, what are you in to – I like going quite out there sometimes trying new styles, I tend to chop and change depending on my mood. I was up for anything but I had to wear my berry lip stick so I knew had to work around that colour

– Work with your shape – Obvious I wouldn’t wear a tight fitted dress or fitted top and pant, my top and bottom are from 2 different bodies….Bottom heavy

– Find your colours – what colours are you wanting to wear? I think for my #OOTD I was feeling those autumn hues, the reds, yellows and brown tones (google is your best friend for hues and colour matching)

– Work off a piece you may already have or want to wear – I had strappy heels and my black culottes to work from I just needed a top that’ll match my lippy. Thank you Mirrou for my $24.90 mustard top

– Investigate a little before purchasing so you can compare prices, even better shop online there are always “sign up now and receive $10 or 30% off” kinda deals. Some stores to check out just to get the ball rolling would be Farmers, Glassons, Mirrou or even Kmart!

– Put a good face on, fix your hair to match your #OOTD and accessorise if needed



Here’s hoping you have a outfit sorted?

Top – Mirrou

Carry bag – Dotti

Culottes – Farmers

Heels – Siren

Lippy – L’Oreal Matte 430 Mon Jules


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