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We are two besties from NZ but you might know us under our fashion blog Serendipity Ave. We created Serendipity Ave as an online platform of our daily inspiration and street style musing. What started off as a way to keep in touch and share our love of street style with each other, quickly evolved as we created our Instagram account @serendipity.ave

We are both being big dreamers and shameless style hunters, we aim to celebrate the ‘serendipity’ in fashion and not take ourselves too seriously along the way.

We met in the Bay Of Islands working on dolphin boats (Nami as a photographer and Pascale as a crew member). We moved to Hamilton about 8 years ago to study (Fashion and Marketing) and always have stuck together.

Dream. Where do we start? Other than to take over the world? Muwahaha. Just joking, or are we? Career wise, we are both goal getters, we never take “no” for an answer and tend to push our boundaries no matter where we are. We believe that being creative and taking risks is the best recipe to a successful career. We just keep creating and enjoying the journey, we have come further than we ever thought within a year so we are excited to see where this whole “blogging thing” may take us.

Dreams for some could be along the lines of doing something you are passionate about and never having to work a day in your life, well let’s just say we are almost there which is so exciting for us! Anything that keeps your soul excited and your blood vessels pumping, we go for that!

We also love empowering fellow women to do what they love, to find their style or adopt Dalmatians (Pascale’s dream) and basically to look back on life and to have NO Regrets.


Nami. I think traveling has truly defined the way I look at the world and also the way I like to dress (let’s try to keep it fashion related as I tend to wonder hehe) the more I travel the more brave and open I have become to just wear what I like, whenever I like to! There really is no rule when it comes to fashion which is properly why I LOVE fashion so much. #RebelAtHeart 

Pascale. For me a defining moment really was starting the blog with Nami, we always talked about it but actually putting it into action has changed my whole attitude towards a lot of things in life, we really push each others boundaries and our friendship has enabled us to bring the best and strongest version out in each other. I think having one best friend that believes in you is the best thing that can happen to any girl. Amazing things happen when girls support each other.

We feel like in the last couple of years we have definitely found our style and everyone who has followed us from the very very beginning on our blog (lol how we love looking back at those first blog posts we took photos off with our iphones) will have seen how much our style has evolved. We love everything layered mixed with denim and leather and oversized tops. Thats the base then just have fun with the rest.

Empower. Don’t take NO for an answer! This is seriously the number one thing we can tell anyone, don’t get discouraged when someone tells you no, just keep trying, it’s all part of the plan, if one door closes another one opens for you, promise!

Another one is to work hard and always exceed expectations and forever be grateful! We really think those are the real secrets to success. Also when we ever feel down we ask ourselves “What would Beyonce do?” and power through.

Photography @hsburg


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