DIY word art

The stand out word or quote chosen to be put in a frame or painted on canvas, You’ll see a lot this on Instagram and Pinterest. Now that I’m married, I finally have a house where I’m able to decorate and style anyway I like, sorry mum as much as I love your odd couches, random plates, miss-match mugs and $2 shop containers that don’t seal, it’s just not working out for me. If you follow Sabrina Peters on Instagram she has a lot of cool word art she posts and I love it, it’s truth, it’s relatable and is really uplifting. I’ve enjoyed word art so much I decided to make a few of my own for my humble abode, I definitely think they add a bit of coolness to your art by making it a bit more personal. I have a small canvas I painted and word art which is my wedding vows (awww how romantic), since I’m a day one crafter, I already had supplies, so it cost me nothing to make (1 point to me).


If you’re feeling either canvas or frame word art inspired, a few tips for you are below.

– For your canvas art  you’ll have to have a steady hand and actually be bothered.

– All that’s really needed is a cool word, a pencil, eraser, paint and brushes. Pencil your word in and get to painting, you could even go that extra mile and have a detailed background. 

– For your framed word you’ll need a cool frame and a printed word or quote, if you’re feeling creative and have a little bit of Van Gogh in you, feel free to freehand your words instead.

Happy painting/printing X


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