To introduce myself, I’m 31 years old and owner of my graphic design business Harlan Creative. I am also a stylist for PS I love you Events, so you could say weddings are definitely my thing! I love what I do so much, it’s more so defined as my passion rather than work. Outside of this, I am a single mama to two beautiful children Harlan and Mila – who are my absolute world and whom I love with all my heart! To describe myself in a nutshell, I would say I am incredibly hard working, kind, creative, have a love for interiors, a home constantly filled with fresh flowers and candles, a bonafide fitness freak, loveeee the colour black and an exceptionally good cup of coffee. 

I started my business in 2010 when my son was 6 months old. I was faced with the daunting decision of having to return to work, so I bit the bullet and started my own graphic design business and from that moment haven’t looked back. It has been the best decision I have ever made, offering flexibility in my working hours (no one day is the same) and the opportunity to be my own boss. The early days were hard trying to find my feet and really get my name out there, but the business has grown successfully through hard work and as a result I have now streamlined myself into wedding stationery and design. Last year I was offered the opportunity to work for PS I love you Events as a stylist. An absolute dream come true! I get to work on styling beautiful events all over the country, in the most gorgeous of locations. My work is starting to get recognised, and I am now a regular contributor for Together Journal and have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Viva magazine, just to name a few!

Outside of this, personally it has been hard going. In February last year I separated from my children’s dad and in November last year he took his own life. Thereafter it seems it has been a snowball of bad events one after the other. My whole world was completely and utterly turned upside down and it certainly has been a tough time. It has definitely been a period of awakening for me and a strong reminder to focus on keeping positive and take one day at a time. 

Dream. In terms of my career I think I have pretty much nailed it in that respect. As I have mentioned, I absolutely love what I do so there is not a day where I feel I am having to work, I have found my passion and feel so blessed I have done so. My dream in terms of Harlan Creative would be to grow the business more, I am starting to tap into international markets so this is very exciting! So with my career I guess just keep on keeping on. I would definitely love to travel and experience the world more, with my kiddies in tow. After experiencing such a huge loss, I have this burning desire to enrich their lives more with seeing the world. And ultimately my absolute dream would be to see my children grow up to be happy, well balanced adults.

Define. I truly feel I am in the process of experiencing a defining moment. I’ve experienced a lot and I mean ALOT of loss this past year. So I feel I am at a point of my life where I need to find inner wellness for myself – as hippy as that sounds. So with that being said I have thrown myself into a plethora of things that will fuel and feed that inner wellness. This includes regular exercise, eating well, keeping a gratitude journal, having my alone time, connecting with old friends, heading to wellness and business seminars, and surrounding myself with positive and supportive like-minded people. I know that if I am happy within myself this then flows out to everyone else surrounding me. It’s the law of attraction at its finest – what you put out you then attract back. 

Style. I like to think I don’t stick to a particular style, but I definitely like to be more understated and dresses are rarely my thing. I definitely prefer to dress casual, so you will see a wealth of street kicks, ripped jeans, and Bassike pieces filling my wardrobe. I have an unhealthy obsession with Nike shoes… serious. I absolutely love jewellery, Zabbana is top of my list, love their dainty, feminine pieces that they have on offer.

Empower. My Pinterest is full to the brim of inspiring quotes but one I am currently loving is “Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness”. I guess this is pertinent to me in this specific point of time but I am a firm believer of the universe, and an energy out there so much bigger than us. It has worked wonders for me – of just letting go and having faith that there’s a bigger plan in place for you.

Love and light x


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