Under and over

So what is under and over and how does it even fit in the cosmetics category? Under and over is the under coat and top coat you need for your “face did” moments. I have done a few make up jobs in my day and time after time I’m asked “why are you putting that on my face?” or “why are you spraying that on my face?” I then have to break it down and explain. So here’s hoping I can point them into the direction of the blog next time I’m asked who, why, when, how? (no hating here, my pre-make up days were Thin Lizzy and the free 2 n 1 eye liner you get with your luxurious powder purchase).


Okay, so I’ve dissected and done a blurb for each, I like both brands and use both of the below a lot and no, this isn’t a paid advertisement….or is it? (nah it’s not, I wouldn’t lie to you, unless…. you see me posing in a snap, holding the product so the brand is visible  quoting the generic buy me now lines “Its so amazing, best ever, number 1”. Now that’s when something’s a bit dodge).

L’Oréal Paris infallible Mattifying primer

 The primer, the sometimes small packaged, velvet like cream you start with, you could say it’s like an undercoat when painting. It softens and blurs out pores and also prepares the surface for more layers e.g being your foundation, powder, shadows etc. This primer is specifically for my oily gals, me included I get pretty shiny! Primer is also perfect when you have random dry spots, they show up through foundation like nobody’s business. Even though some primers may seem a bit small it really does go a long way, I’ve had mine for a couple years now, still going strong.

– Prepares and smoothes skin by minimising imperfections, pores and shine.

– Mattifying effect, really good for oily skin, come 2pm my face is always oily!

– Instantly transforms skins texture for an even surface with velvet-soft touch.

– Foundation glides seamlessly across it.


Apply little dots of the priming base on bare skin. Less is more. Smooth onto your skin in an outward motion. I like to wait a few minutes to let it set then I’ll carry on with the face.


Maybelline Face Studio® Master Fix™ Setting Spray

The weird spray, like why would we spray our face? The setting spray is like our top coat for nail polish, it protects the colour and prevents chipping. The setting spray acts the same it prevents minimal smudging (don’t actually go and smudge your face and test this), prolongs your wear time and keeps your face from melting, yes those hot summer days and competitive dance off battles (yeah, I’ve been in a few…).

– This lightweight layer fixes the makeup look you love all day

– Boost the wear of your makeup and prevent melting and colour fading

– Quick-drying mist leaves skin feeling soft and fresh, not sticky or shiny


Step 1. Shake well and hold 8-10” away from the face and close eyes.

Step 2. Spray 4-6 times in a clockwise direction, finishing at the nose. Avoid spraying directly into eyes and lips.


I’m hoping one or some have gained some beauty knowledge!

Netty X


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