Dress your Tees






Okay first things first, training tops are for training, sitting on the couch tops are for sitting on the couch and maybe evening grocery shopping (guilty) and nice, going out/work tops are for nice outings. Now we’ve cleared the air, don’t mix these groups up please, the more you wear your tops the more they lose shape, so hang those nice Tee’s up to keep them looking good. I always wear my tee’s out or to work but I’ll dress mine up to make sure there appropriate for the outing. Since it is winter/spring the nicest and warmest way to do this is with scarves! Once summer hits you can put the heavy scarves away and pull out those light weights or neck ties if your after something smaller. I’ll actually be selling neck tie’s for summer if you’re keen, don’t worry I’m only making 2 of each style so you wont bump into 500 girls wearing the same #OOTD as you….. but wait it’s NZ when doesn’t that happen? Now is the time to get creative ladies!

I’ve made it easy for you and have a few options below to work from, 4 T-shirts, 3 Scarves, wear any together, they’ll all look amaze. Chuck some black pants or a pair of good denim, throw on your nice leather jacket or winter coat and your good to go.


image001 8.12.59 pm


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