Who am I?…Hmmm…I’m a mid thirties free spirit, who still feels 21 at heart! When asked “who are you” my answer is “love”. Whilst that might sound pretty hippy dippy, it means I live from the heart and love what I do. Being a Professional Makeup Artist doesn’t define who I am as a person but it sure does make me happy and suit me down to a T. What more could I want than to meet inspiring women and create different relationships every day, have a laugh or a D&M whilst doing their makeup, satisfy my creative juices on the daily and have no routine whatsoever!

Define. A defining moment for me was when I had moved to New York City for a man at the age of 29. This man was tall, dark and handsome, oh and had a girlfriend living in Brooklyn. One night me and my so called boyfriend went out for dinner on 5th Avenue, New York and happened to bump into girlfriend #2. Long story short, it all came out so I left him and now I was alone and heartbroken in the big city. Well, the story gets better…….Girlfriend #2 and I started talking and before we knew it we had spoken almost every day for a week. I was on the verge of going back to the comforting arms of my mum in New Zealand, until one day girlfriend #2 asked me if I wanted to come and live with her until I got myself on my feet. 

So I did…..

This was defining because in that moment I pulled myself together and decided to enrol in a makeup artist course, I then proceeded to have the time of my life living it up in NYC whilst finally pursuing my passion – Makeup Artistry. This is when I realised people absolutely come into your life for a reason. That tall, dark handsome man may have broken my heart at the time but if it wasn’t for meeting him I may not have been lucky enough to meet another amazing woman, pursue my career that I love and have a damn good time being single in NYC!

Style. I’m not like those really styly people who have one style that they stick to and nail it, I have a few styles (that I probably dont nail) depending on how I feel – the weather, the job I’m going to, and now that I’m older, my back …yes that’s right, my back rules my wardrobe. As much as I LOVE wearing heels I just can’t do it as much as I used to…that will teach me for backpacking around Europe with a 22kg backpack and high heel wedges on………Oops!

Empower. Being beautiful on the inside will get you far in life. Be secure enough in yourself as a woman to support/celebrate/encourage and respect other women – I believe my life would not be the same without my amazing wahines surrounding me.

Oh, and this has always been a fav quote “Life is not about finding yourself but is about creating yourself”.


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