Desk to dinner




You know the scenario, your girl messages you “Heeeeey gal, dinner this week say 6.30 – 7?”. I work out south and already know it’ll be a mission heading out anywhere so why not be outfit ready?

A super cool OOTD below that you could totally work with, not too sure if leather jackets get the okay in your job but you could easily swap out for a blazer or cardi. With this outfit I’ve made it a simple combo, black pants, a top and jacket. If your not allowed to go shopping (like me) play around with this outfit swap out with some of your wardrobe faves you currently have. Your black fitted pants, a cardi or top could be an easy one or you may be in the category of liking the outfit but you aren’t really an earrings person? Change it up and have a statement necklace instead.

What’s with the sneakers you ask? I have mine waiting for me in the car as soon as 5 hits, a definite option if your feet are aching and your chosen place to dine is sneaker friendly (don’t go wearing your worn out, dirty sneakers with this outfit though, keep it classy babes and give them a wipe down before inviting them to dinner).



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