Button up


The basic button up shirt, found in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. How do we make these look not so uuugggghhhh. The best way to jazz them up and add a little life is to layer up!

A few of my go to’s are below and to dress them up I’ll add some jewellery if I can be bothered (gotta be bothered in this fashion world of ours).

In the corporate world? Go for a cute cropped tailored blazer or fitted longish cardigan, I think you’d have to tame the colour though, so keep it simple but have a play with your block colours and neutral tones. Any other office should give these layers a thumbs up, with a floor full of buyers, merchandisers and planners my office is a definite with everyone expressing themselves through style (exclude my face in category, I keep it plain and bare only making an effort for date night, church and blog time).

Lovin’ on the Accessories? Check out Lyla and bo!




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