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Wifey-to-be to my dream guy and Fiancé (I love saying that), Troy. We make the best team- it’s true when they say opposites attract. We are not perfect, but perfectly compliment one another and I can’t wait to be his wife in just a few months! Aside from my amazing man and all the exciting wedding planning that is currently happening in my world, I find it hard to define who I am, as I feel I have changed so much in the last few years and I’m still learning and growing… but if I were to describe myself, a few things come to mind. I am creative, passionate, a perfectionist, a great listener, extremely empathetic, I enjoy a good Rosé, have an obsession with sunglasses and sneakers, love white flowers and a good seafood pasta, and have a slightly worrying addiction to Netflix (suits anyone?) and coffee.  

I am a creative communicator. Again, I don’t like to define my career down to one specific subject as I consider myself to be a generalist with interest and skill-sets in a few different areas- The main one being Communications. I have worked in Public Relations the past four years and have recently ventured in to fields such as digital strategy, creative direction and social media. I really enjoy communicating with people, whether that be through art, fashion, text, media, whatever really- this also greatly compliments my ability to talk, a lot (haha). I enjoy seeing a brand effectively communicating with their audience, and I like helping people. 

One thing I love about NZ is the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s awesome to see how many start-ups are popping up across our industries, and I especially love seeing my friends chase their dreams and take risks to start their own thing- like Netty! I am so inspired by her blog and was even more honoured when she asked me to contribute to her “Woman empowering women’” section.  Hells yeah to female empowerment!

Dreams/Goals. I feel like my twenties have been a mish-mash of experiments, risks, learnings and change, and I’m still figuring it out (do we ever figure it out?). Some goals include getting married (so soon- whoop!), travelling with my love, continuing on my career development path, having babies at some point, trying to stay healthy, being a good friend and connecting to God. All in all, being a well-rounded human is the main goal here. 

Define. Finding God. Connecting to the creator seriously brought all meaning and colour to my life. There is more to this life than just existing. We each have a purpose so much greater than ourselves. Once you tap in to that inner universe, you will be amazed and challenged and at peace, all at the same time. This is a journey with highs and lows but oh so rewarding and worth it. 

Style. This has also evolved, but I have always liked classic, feminine and elegant looks. My style changes depending on the context and my mood, i.e. if I have an important work meeting I like to look tailored with a classic blazer, jumpsuit or pretty blouse. 

In the weekend I’m either in my active wear (guilty) or my ripped jeans and sneakers. I am obsessed with maxi dresses too, and anything high-waisted. Also, I love ACCESORISING- Cue Sydney Fashion Blogger. I like statement earrings when I want to channel J.Lo (my ghetto hoops are a fave) and then there are days for a more soft fine jewellery look a la Lauren Conrad.  

I think I pull inspiration from a range of women, but I like to feel feminine and sexy- Thank you Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Olivia Munn and Janice Joostema, to name a few. I’m also inspired by my beautiful friends, like Netty, who always looks amazing and effortlessly pulls together cool outfits- Check out for more inspo! 

Empower. Ahh so many amazing quotes and scriptures I could share with you guys, but my guiding force in life is simple yet necessary- LOVE. The only but often forgotten purpose of living. Love God, love one another, and love yourself. This world needs more love. 

Sammie xx


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