The Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool. Thank you little fuzzy sheep for your awesome warm fluff.

First time wool wearer right here, for obvious reasons it’s just too pricey and I never really thought Merino could be/look cool. I had to buy my bat winged chartreuse Merino top because it’s super warm, was cheap as chips and it looks really cool, I’m definitely into the mustard/green tones. Keep an eye out Farmers have had a few ½ price Merino sales and that’s the best time to buy. It might be a good idea to sign up to the farmers club gang to get in the know.

A few Merino styles with affordable go to staples below that are suitable for all body types. I have made it super easy for you and have gone hyperlink crazy!

Click away ladies X

P.S I really want that scarf it has PU leather tassels and its only $20!! Aaron will kill me if I buy (I’m on a temporary buying ban) so someone please buy and take a selfie so I can embrace the scarf with you!


Boots – 20% off online when you sign up

Boots – 20% off online when you sign up

Brown and black stripe top

Grey Jogger pant

Chartreuse top


PU Fringe scarf


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