Hahei / new zealand

The Nimo’s 2nd Anniversary as Boyfriend and Girlfriend (cuuuute) meant a trip to  Cathedral Cove – Hahei!


Our plans were set but a text from Aaron a day before saying he’d plan our special day seemed a bit unusual…….Hmmm no complaining from my end (first time).

We arrived in Hahei, picked up our snorkel gear, caught the local bus up hill and started our walk down to Stingray bay, which felt like a never ending walk through the dessert. This supposed bay was meant to be our first pit stop along the way but I couldn’t carry on with life and pleaded to stop at Gemstone bay as it was closer. Aaron, at this point was starting to look a wee bit nervous and kept insisting that we must go to Stingray bay. After a good 3 minute disagreement under a shaded tree, I finally gave in and kept on moving. Poor Aaron had to listen to me complain for the next 15 minutes, little did I know there was a little message in the bottle waiting for me at this so called bay. After our little romantic pit stop with lunch prepped by the infamous Aaron, we finally got to Gemstone bay for a quick snorkel which wasn’t so quick, I complained about the long sea weed touching me (a bit of a reoccurring theme happening). My last surprise/activity was a glass bottom boat ride through Cathedral Cove and Whitianga with Aaron getting the chance to snorkel near caves and go diving for Kina’s (he’s definitely the try-er in our relationship). We ended the day with a warm sunset and good ole kiwi fish ‘n’ chips as our evening meal on Hot water Beach before we headed back home.



I’m really selling New Zealand with these pictures aren’t I!



We had a bit of news to share on our way back as Stingray bay was more than your cute romantic adventure….

And yes, this is Aaron’s summer shade (Jealous!).



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