I’m 24 years old and currently date a very good-looking man named Kyle. I also work at Connect Church, Paraparaumu as one of the 2 Youth Pastors and have been doing so since the end of 2013.

Dream. My now goals are to grow and see the youth in our ministry greatly impacted by God. I would love to see a generation of young people transformed by God, who are unashamed to step out for him, are strongly grounded in their faith and will grow up to be phenomenal leaders whatever their futures may hold. My later down the track goals… well, I would love to get married and be a mum, I would probably still love to be in ministry and serve but just a bit unsure on the area. One day, I would love to plant a significant church with great amounts of life and love, a church with an amazing atmosphere where anyone can come in no matter where they are in life, feel welcomed, loved and will leave empowered to keep moving forward and stepping up in life.

Define. I think there have been a few moments in my life that have helped shape me into who I am today, one of the biggest was probably when I was asked to be one of the Connect Church youth Pastors. I think this was a defining moment because it was such a crazy opportunity, it was never really something I thought I would be capable of doing and  to be honest it was never something I thought I would be asked to do. However, sometimes stepping into things bigger then yourself makes you trust in God, rely on him and it constantly tests your faith levels. It has definitely been a whirlwind of incredible life changing moments and memories filled with great highs and challenging lows. I know that every day I’m being shaped and challenged to do better, be better and push myself a little further.

Style. I’m not really the one to be drawn to one style I enjoy getting a feel for everything! I’m definitely a fan of Kylie Jenner, from her crazy colourful weaves to her casual and sassy dressed up outfits, I’m not a huge fan of all the stuff she does but when it comes to fashion she #slays.

Empower. Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

It may sound Cliché but this scripture is better than any quote, it’s a great reminder of the size and capability of my God; it focuses on him and not me. With God by my side no obstacle is ever too great, no circumstance is ever too much, no goal or dream is out of my reach and no opportunity is ever too big for me to handle. I am never alone and none of it is in my own strength but with God impossible is really, just a step of faith.



One thought on “Grace

  1. It’s amazing to see you Grace…. To see you grow up in the fear of the Lord is truly amazing. Learnt so much just by reading your stuff…… May many people come to know chiral through you. This is my prayer. Your beautiful inside out… Love you.


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