Dont hide them



No counselling here I’m afraid, I can only point you in the direction of a good top or eye shadow.

I’m talking about the flowy singlets, the light weight, loose fitted tops, the short summer skirts (not that short), the list is endless!

I layer up by popping a long sleeve under dresses and knits, adding stockings or even socks, pulling out the scarves and I’ll finish it off with a good jacket. I think I’m going against my word because I’m only wearing a singlet in one of these pics but I promise you it was one of those winter days that were really warm in Auckland. I did save my self though because I’m holding the leather jacket.

What’s even cooler is that I’m wearing a Maia and Marley top, makes me appreciate it more knowing a good friend of my owns the label, check her out!

Skirt – Whistle (Sold out)

Top – Maia and Marley

Jacket – Ally

Heels – Novo


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