Trelise SS16/S17














Shout out to the bro for the tickets, the show was amaaaazing and ever better, the husband enjoyed it just as much!

Trelise Cooper in a nut shell, here we go..

So for starters, we were stuck in traffic which made us late for the show, parking in town was impossible and I didn’t help by hooning around like a fast and the furious sequel shouting out “my life sucks” only because of the above (dramatic…yup I know, but really my wavey hair and lashes took a bit longer than expected). We arrived only to be stared down like we were lost and were asked for tickets (did we not look the part? Probably Aaron, lets blame him), got to our our seats and were greeted with awesome goodies bags (we now forgive you judging eyes lady). I was straight into the show (and bag…) and loved every bit! The whole feel was amazing, simple but colourful, modern beats and every part, eye catching. The best part was seeing the DIY on accessories, knowing you won’t find anything like that around.

A few fashion go to’s for spring/summer 16-17 from NZ’s fashion Queen Trelise

  • Wide leg pants
  • Flares
  • Big bold accessories
  • Throw overs with awesome detailing during beach visits
  • Shift style dresses with gorgeous embellishments
  • Bright bold prints
  • Texture

If a truckload of $100 notes were to magically appear at my house, I’d buy her collection. Right now, I’ll just stalk and “need” them.


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