I’m just a girl living in a material world. I did five years of university to achieve a double degree: honors in Fashion and Business Management. I spent those five years learning to make patterns like a mad man, sew like a factory worker, design under pressure and swipe life away (my hard earned moola) on fabric. I’m currently ‘Assistant Buyer’ for infant’s wear at Farmers (YAS!!). I have an inner battle that my job isn’t helping the wider community (I couldn’t be a nurse, noooope), but I get by with thinking ‘I’m clothing the nation’. Aside from that I’m a weekend adventure girl, boot camp fanatic, I sew/knit up a storm during the week and I party in the weekend in my weekday creations. I’m a YASSSSS GURRRRL type. I don’t say no to anything fun. 

Goals. No matter what I do, in the back of my mind there is a pressure to be ‘successful’. The definition of success always changes depending on what challenges are tackling me at the time. The pressure of success isn’t coming from anywhere other than, pure determination and a crap load of personal drive. I’ve grown up with a strong, determined and driven Dad, (I look like him too). His efforts are how I gage success. He has set the bar very high when it comes to meeting personal goals but striving for something more can never be a bad thing. My long-term goals are not set in stone but when making short-term life/work decisions, success is always in mind. I am currently starting an ‘Assistant Buyer’ role. After that box is ticked, I’ll aim for a ‘Buyer’ role, then world domination. I think a good thing to keep in mind is; two years ago if you asked me what my goal is, it would be to own my own business. Goals change with personal growth, with new opportunities and giving things a go. If it’s not for you, learn from it and find the next open door. Character building is key.

Dreams. Life dream is simple- it’s to be happy. I spend my life with bloody AWESOME, encouraging people (it definitely helps). If you know me, you know I can’t sit down. I fill my time by doing ridiculous things like, riding rapids on a blow up mattresses. Funny enough, this makes me the happiest girl under the sun. Having positive people and attitudes around, whatever comes my way is easy. So currently I’m living the dream. 

Style. Whenever I tell people I’m in fashion there are 2-3 instant reactions. First, is for them to do a full check on my outfit (yes, I see your eyes tracking me). Second, is to explain their outfit/ why they chose the outfit. Third, is to tell me about the holes or amendments they need made on their garments. Truth is, I am all for personal style. If you want to wear those jeans and jandals, I will high five you for the efforts (Except board shorts…they can burnnn). I get about a call a week from people asking for styling help (which I love). My style is forever changing. I love to be comfortable in my Nike sneakers (which I even wear with my dresses) but I also love to dress up. I love colour but I only support one colour myself- Black on black on black- I’m that ‘life funeral’ type. 

Empower. “You be you”. Never lose who you are in an effort to conform. Be happy as an individual.


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