My wedding: Show and tell

This was actually a request and what a good request it was! As you all know I’m New Zealand’s bargain hunter of the year I always live by “I can make that, It’ll be waaaay cheaper” (the harsh reality is my parents aren’t rich and so ain’t I), I definitely stuck by my DIY words during my wedding, beginning to end. I thought a little show and tell like our younger days would be the easiest way to give you a 5 minute glimpse of my day annnd why not make it a 2’n’1 by showing you my cool little DIY hacks while we’re at it.

Bouquets and bridesmaids shoes

I got all 4 pairs of heels for around $80 NZD from Rubi, I found that you get them cheaper if you order online and sign up with them….20% off woopwoop and I’m sure there was a buy 2 get 1 free kinda deal at the same time. I also made these bouquets (I don’t understand how people can fork out on pretty plants that will only be used for the day, maybe I’m just stinge…each to their own).


Bridesmaid’s dresses

I designed the dresses, I bought this fabric from the Otara fabric store I think it was $70 all up to make the 4 dresses. I took this simple design from a maxi I already have, added a subtle hi-low hem line and wahhh lahhh. Shout out to Annie for making these, she’s the best!



A bit of scrap fabric from my bridesmaids dresses, thick cardboard, burlap, white paint and gold spray paint.


Ring holder

My husband was adamant that we needed a ring holder and insisted on a ring pillow. I was like “Nope not having that, I’ll go on Pinterest and find something else” (who wears the pants?).


Wedding dress deco.

I’ve actually talked about this on the Blog – Not feeling it?


Husbands pin

The husband was missing a little something with his suit so I was like “let me make you something”.


Deco. Bottles

These were at my ceremony and reception, a lot of collecting, peeling and spraying but it was worth it. This is also on the Blog – when they hear wedding.


Ceiling deco. For ceremony 

Hanging pom poms, lanterns and flowers, all hung from fishing line. You’ll also see a few metres of doily bunting hanging, made up of brown string, staples and many doilys.


Flower arch hanging thing

An alternative to an arch, I used 2 cardboard pipe things from wrapping paper, loose flowers and a hot glue gun. I also used a bit of fishing line and hung flowers from pipe (sorry guys I’m sure you know what I mean).


There were heaps more but I’m having the usual mind blank. I hope this inspires someone to craft, make or take ideas. In all honestly I would’ve had a teeny, tiny minuscule wedding if I had a do over buuuuuut hand on heart the best thing from my big day was scoopin’ up a pretty cool husband (cool can equal handsome, wise, loving and all those other mushy things…I’m not really the PDA type, he knows I love him).  



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