Floral letter



You know it was a good wedding when I still have artificial flowers left over, I think the floral letter (above) was an idea from an idea. I made a few floral frames for my wedding a couple months back and had a friend who loved the frames and wanted one for her daughter but missed out, sooo.. knowing me I promised I’d make something. I don’t even think she knows I’m making this for her (I hope she still likes florals….Awkward if she doesn’t).

This was super easy to make, below is what you’ll need if your into this.

–          Cardboard or anything thick (I’ve used a cardboard box from a lamp I bought)

–          Artificial flowers (buy by the bunch and pull off leaves and flower heads)

–          Hot glue gun

–          Scissors, pen or pencil and ruler

 Draw out your desired letter or shape, cut out and glue away!

And now I have no flowers left…..



2 thoughts on “Floral letter

  1. hi Lynette, its me men’s lol long time no hear but hey love the blog posts. espeacially the wedding DIYS !! just a question about your artificial flowers, where did you buy them from???? I’m a maid of honour for my cousin and like you I am a bargain hunter so anything cheap and good looking is my kinda thang. lol any help would me much appreciated. lol thanks netty nimo 🙂


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