I have to start by saying how stoked I am to be a part of Netty Nimo’s #WEW segment – honored in fact!  I met Lynette through my current full time job – she was my contact at her old company, and I’ve been missing her ever since she moved on haha!  

By day I work at a retail/commercial fit out company but towards the end of 2015 I decided to take the plunge and start my own small business (after much pressure from friends!) selling my boutique mayonnaise ‘Mayleo’.  Mayleo is so much more than just a mayonnaise to me… it signifies a couple of key things that define me;

  1. I am a lover of all things creative
  2. I am an absolute food fanatic – from creating it, to sharing it, to eating (all of) it!

The food industry and my interest in it has played on my mind for many years so to be a (teeny tiny) part of it now is a huge personal accomplishment.  To read more about Mayleo and how I came to be ‘Miss Mayleo’ you can check out my website 

I am a passionate CrossFitter in my spare time – I’ve been training for around 3 years now.  It keeps me sane, it gives me goals to work towards, and the people/community (worldwide) are awesome.  People call it a cult and that’s fine with me.  My CrossFit box (Functional Strength in Albany) is where I spend 90% of my Sunday mornings so I guess you could call it my ‘religion’!

Dreams. I hope that one day I can get Mayleo to a point where it is supplied nationwide, because I believe clean/primal/paleo food should be readily accessible to everyone in NZ.  NZ is slowly getting there in terms of changing our mindset on what is ‘healthy’, but we still have a long way to go.  The majority of food we are presented with in supermarkets is rubbish, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disheartening knowing how hard it is to get new boutique products into supermarkets, when sugar-laden, highly processed, fake ‘food’ is made available to us in the masses! 

Define. Aside from the obvious in regards to starting Mayleo, I bought a house last year with my partner Dan (I just spent about 2 minutes trying to think of another way to describe him as I’m not a huge fan of the term ‘partner’, but boyfriend sounds like I’m 14).  I’d like to think it was the moment that my irresponsible 20-something year old self crossed the bridge into ‘real-life adult’ city…but nope, not a chance!  I’m just a lot poorer these days.  I say 20-something year old because I am also in denial about turning 30 this month.  Yay.  

Style. I like to keep things pretty simple – my favourite outfits are quality basics – think black Lululemon pants/skirts/shorts+a loose-fitting white AS colour tee+denim jacket+Nike kicks, or sandals.  I spend a lot of my spare time in training gear so I rarely get dressed up these days which is fine with me – my most valuable two pairs of shoes are Nike weightlifting shoes and a pair of custom Nike CrossFit shoes so I guess that explains a lot about my wardrobe priorities!  

Empower. Well, my second favourite rock song of all time is Shihad’s ‘Pacifier’.  There’s a line in it that I got tattooed down my back because for many years since I was a teenager it had resonated with me deeply; “Precious star, you are the best at what you are” – honestly all any of us can ever do is aim to be the best version of ourselves we can.  Sometimes we falter, but we’re human and it’s okay – we make mistakes.  

From the ladies I know who are on their own journey of starting or running a business, to my stay-at-home mama friends who’ve put their own lives on hold to nurture future generations of baby girls and boys. From the incredible female CrossFit idols I admire and athletes I train next to who push me daily to be fitter faster and stronger, to the women I’ve met who have tirelessly worked to have their dream career despite the unfortunate gender inequalities that still exist in the workforce. Every one of these ladies makes sacrifices to do what they’re doing and be the best version of themselves they can in their situation. 

And, while I know this is about women empowering women I think applauding the men who empower women is just as important – to the wonderful guys out there who do:  you’re choice xxx



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