Love your knits



Thoughts on the knit being more than your grocery shopping friend and T.V watching buddy? Well… I think the Knit is capable of being more than that, I’m thrashing mine wherever I go! The grey was a quick $20 Factorie buy because I was cold one day, the orange was a Warehouse buy over a couple years ago and the green (my fave) is a buy from Wrangler from like 3 years ago still in good condition (i think?..). I currently own about 10 knits (yikes..too much?) but once they start pilling (little annoying tiny dots) and stretching out they down grade to home wear. In their near new state I like accessorising with my knits dressing them up to make them night on the town/work worthy (find a accessory that is neutral and could go with anything, like the black chain necklace I’m sporting). Oh yeah having a face on helps heaps too!


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