Not for the faint hearted

I’m not too sure how many of you out there will try the print on print look, if you will or do already…”You’re a bloody legend”. I myself am a print on print legend, I like to push boundaries and experiment with clothing I think it’s a cool way of expressing ones self. Some of my safe rules for print on print would be the below (whaddayaknow there similar to accessorising).

-Stick to matching same colour ways

-Stay in theme, if your main piece is floral stay in that theme (don’t look too much like a garden though).

-Match prints by complimentary colours (yellow and blue, green and red or Google this and check out a colour wheel)  

-Personal opinion but I find that your black/white/grey prints will go with almost anything!

-Experiment try different things together or Google looks for inspiration or have a copy cat moment (I do it heaps)


Hat – Rhythm (I paid full price waaah) 

Jacket – Urban Precinct

Top – Op shop (not a flash store like actual op shop)


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