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The first thing you should know about me is that I am passionate about seeing young women come to know their worth. I’m 21 years young and live in Brisbane, Australia- a lovely, sunny part of the world! I studied a double degree in journalism and business (majoring in economics) and am putting my degree to good use, working full time in PR and media relations. In most of my spare time, I’m working away on my blog – She is Light

In my down time, you can find me spending time with my hilarious, sweet & handsome husband, sipping cups of peppermint tea, or hanging around the closest dog park looking for mini dachshunds (yes, you could say I’m a bit obsessed, ha!).

Dream. My dream is simply that She is Light will be a movement that is known across the world, and that it will be the go-to source for comprehensive information, courses, and events that, at their core, remind women that they are valued beyond compare.

Define. About a year ago, I heard the Message version of Matthew 5:14-16 in the Bible, which explains how we are called to ‘be light.’ It was in that moment that I found the vision! The blog was always going to be about women and for women, so naturally ‘She is Light’ came about. But it’s so much more than a blog. As you put it, it’s a ‘movement’ – a movement of women who know their worth. 

One of the most beautiful, defining moments in my life would have to be my wedding, of course! I got married at the end of July, last year. It was the most perfect day surrounded by family and friends – it was the most wonderful celebration of the beginning of my husband and my new life together. 

Style. I am a huge fan of minimal style. Over the past few years, I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Sara from Harper and Harley – her outfits always look effortless! I try to only buy clothes that are versatile, and that I’ll get a lot of wear out of – so black, white and greys. However, I love wearing bright colours – especially pink and orange – so every now and then, I’ll let a pop of colour enter my wardrobe! 

Inspiration. There are so many people who I draw inspiration from for different journeys in life. Of course, I look up to my mum! There are some dear friends of mine who inspire me in different ways- some are so driven to follow a strong calling in their lives, I really admire that! Others have been through the toughest of life’s situations and have come through them more resilient than ever. And then there’s a few incredible women I’ve met over Instagram, of all places! I’m very grateful for the amazing ladies I’ve connected with through the She is Light Instagram account. Most of them live on the other side of the world, but they’re so sweet, encouraging and uplifting. They have huge capacity, they dream BIG, and they shine light! It’s really cool to have these kinds of ladies cheering me on along the journey, as I cheer them on too.

Takeaway. As a Christian, my mantra is basically that I can’t do everything on my own, or in my own strength – I need to put my trust in a God who loves me, who knows me, and who believes in me more than anyone else ever could. 

I found Elise/She is light through Instagram (whaddayaknow!). I pressed that follow button because it’s actually refreshing to get a little pick me up amongst the coffees on crisp, white bed sheets and numerous flat lays (guilty) on Instagram.

Gaaahhhh I’m lovin’ Elise’s faith! #GOALSAGAIN

Want more of Elise and #Sheislight? Follow her journey sheislight.com. it’s good for the mind, heart and soul!


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