Natio face

I picked up a pretty sweet Natio contouring kit for $24 (on sale of course) and it’s actually really, really good! The kit comes with instructions on how to contour, which is really helpful but I don’t think I could ever do the full contour, I’ll just feel like I have a dirty face constantly and I probably won’t look like me! I only ever do cheeks and a light hi-light of the nose and that’s me .

Below, is more of my natural/every weekend look, I’d go a bit darker if it was a proper “face did” moment. I also used the medium brown and hi-lighter as a quick eyeshadow as well (2 in 1, nice). Of course we cant forget the brows they have to be on fleek, I use the Natio brow kit, my besty got this for me a couple christmas’ ago and I could easily say I have a good year left, it’s been super handy with my constant hair colour changes too (if you know me well I can go black to blonde…Real quick). Oh, the tweezers are actually really good as well (easily grabs those little stubborn hairs) and the wax leaves the brows with a nice finish.


Heres a little read from if you’re the Nancy Drew type and are into facts and stats. My skin is sensitive at times and both kits have been pretty good to me so far.

Plant based beauty range
Natio combines the finest natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oil blends. The result is a plant based and easy-going beauty regime, offering you healthier, more radiant skin. The purity and therapeutic benefits of essential oils are far superior to the synthetic fragrances common to most beauty care. Natio’s gentle, plant based formulations work across a broad range of skin types.

Designed for a contemporary lifestyle
Natio products truly value and embody the refreshing Australian spirit and lifestyle – natural, easy-going and refreshingly real. Natio’s skin care offers sound protection from the harsh climate and environment. Natio’s colours reflect the open and unpretentious style of the natural Australian beauty culture.Rich in essential oils and botanical extracts, Natio’s range of skin care and cosmetics are effective and uncomplicated.

Natio caters for women and men and includes nurturing products for the face, body, eyes and hair. Reflecting the relaxed lifestyle for which Australia is famous, the Natio range is impressively flexible and easy to use. It leaves you free to experiment and to discover your own natural beauty. It gives you the freedom to be yourself.

Natio does not promise miracles, just realistic beauty solutions that work.




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