Them high school days

Gone are the days of nonsense, “girl” problems and wanting to be 18 already (or maybe you’re there right now, live it up ladies!). If there was some magical portal to take us back to High school I’d do it in a heartbeat (It would help if I actually attended school everyday). Here’s me attempting what I’d like to call the modern school uniform, we’ll close to. Sooo.. I’ve got the black leather shoes that would be swapped for your sneakers as soon as the bell goes, still me as of today I’ll be swapping these boots for chucks when 5 hits, the knee length skirt (I don’t think all girls got the memo for knee length), the black stockings that would hide your hairy legs from all the boys (still till this day my legs can get pretty nasty with no stockings, sorry husband) and the faithful knitted jumper that reeked when it rained, good thing I don’t have that problem now.  

If one of your 99 problems is hip drama then the high waisted skirt is the way to go, one of my prized possessions.

Skirt – What about eve

Boots – Lipstik

Knit – Whistle


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