Fluffy for winter?

Fluffy fur (don’t go real on me, I’ll cry)…….what comes to mind? Maybe its that sheep skin you had as a baby or mum’s awesome car seat covers? (at least you know a drive with mum would never be cold). Nowadays fluffy fur is Vests, Coats and all that Jazz. One to wear Fur a lot (I’m telling myself its fake) is my other home girl Olivia Palermo, quite daring at times but she always looks sooo good! I’ve found a couple of faux fur coats available in New Zealand (you could probably wear the fur jacket all year round cause its bound to rain mid-summer in NZ), I think both are cool and get my approval. I’ve tried a few styles out so you can get a feel for it, Dress them up or down (I feel like I say this a lot, but it is true) the fluffy winter coat is cool! (in a hip kind of way but actually they’re really warm).

Pink furStella

Black furStella


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