Instead of layering clothing try it with accessories, might be hard with our weather but on that random hot sunny day during New Zealand’s winter try it out. When I want to I’ll do this (I’ve got to be ready for the random rash on my neck though, awesome sensitive skin). Some of my go to’s for accessorising are below X

– Matching the same colour ways

– Stay in theme, if your main piece is tribal/aztec stay in that theme (don’t go to hard out on that theme or you’ll look like Pocahontas or ….that could even look cool hmmmm..)

– Match by complimentary colours (yellow and blue, green and red or google this and check out a colour wheel)  

– Experiment, try different things together or Google looks for inspiration or have a copy cat moment (I do it heaps)

“Jewellery adds richness, another layer in the story telling, think of Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy – Jewellery can make moments iconic.” – Kelly Framel



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