Socks…do, don’t or won’t? Well I did. I’m not normally the one to wear socks that go past my ankles, socks like to get as close to my leg bones as possible (automatic indents, like c’mon I had calves yesterday there has to be some sort of muscle under the skin?). I’ve seen Jules wear socks with her #OOTD (outfit of the day) and she looks pretty cool don’t ya think? I’d probably only wear socks with more dressy outfits, If I go cas. I’d feel like an athlete of some sort (don’t wanna crush too many peoples dreams…..).

If you’re feeling them for winter give them a go, I find they work best for me with boots (sorry about the “my germs” hand).  

Culottes –Whistle

Vest – Whistle (Also avail. In white and grey)

Top – Target

Socks – H&M (Husbands woop)

Boots – Lipstik


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