Hi guys, Netty asked me to be a part of her new segment “Woman empowering women” and I’m so happy she did. I met Lynette in high school a few (8) years ago. She might not know this but she was literally my style icon. She always had the coolest shoes, hair styles and clothes and I was super envious. Although we have quite different styles now I can see in hindsight that it was the confidence she had in her own style that made me admire her then and now it is her confidence in herself that I still admire. 

I currently run a little start up business, Maia and Marley as well as a blog, work full time, oh and I have a son, Logan. 

Becoming a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me. A few people have asked what the best thing about being a mum is and in all honesty it is the peace. Not the quiet, relaxing, sleep in until 10am peace, because that doesn’t exist. It’s the peace in being completely happy. I now know what is really important to me, my family, and everything that doesn’t matter falls away. I no longer compare my life to something I want it to be because I am happy. Of course I have aspirations for the future but I don’t want better than I have now today. 

My personal style is minimal and comfortable. I really really really like pants, like really! I wear them 90% of the time which probably explains why my legs are so pale. I draw most of my inspiration from real people and a few fashion bloggers. My biggest style crush is Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules. She epitomises casual cool and her hair is my life goal. There is something about the first  fashion bloggers, circa 2008, (SJ, Song of Style, Gary Pepper, Tuula) that I really admire. They do something which I hope to imitate which is to create genuine content for brands they believe in. 

So, I guess I said yes to being part of this segment because I really love when people, but women in particular “DO”. I say do because it doesn’t have to be great, it just has to be conscious. Make a conscious effort to do something. Do something that makes you happy. Do something that you love. Do something different. Do something that you’ve been putting off. By making a conscious decision to do, you will be happy that you chose how your life is and not just let it roll on as it pleases.

Ps – these photos were taken while we were having a running race, it was the only way I could get Yogi to stand still against the wall while I said ready, set, go!

A definite Do-er and secret admirer? Gaaaal (stooop it)…… I love Maia and her way about life, she oozes go-getter with anything she pursues; family, shop/blog and everything else in between. Let’s not forget our waiting days at Sake bar Umeshu, Kimono’s and ….”Irasshaimase!” (How did we ever survive waiting!?).

Want more of Maia? Follow her journey Maia and Marley I promise it’s a goody annnnd you can even buy while you’re reading.

Inspired to go “do”?


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