Too dark, too light not right?

All you Lipstick fanatics (I am when I’m bothered) this is for you. Don’t you hate the above title? You’ll have that awesome outfit but don’t have that particular lip shade to match?….. I give you my Lipstick hack.

All you’ll need is…..

– Your awesome collection of Lippy’s (choose colours you’re wanting to mix up)


– Lip brush with a cap (I’ve got a QVS cheapy for $13NZD, does wonders)

– Small-ish container with lid (Looksharp have small $4NZD travel packs, which have 2 like mine below)


– Scrape the heads of your chosen lipsticks with the edge of your brush, be careful not to damage (dating back to our days of mixing colours in primary school, blue and yellow make green, red and blue make purple).

– Add/mix lippy in container with brush until you feel you have enough to last. Apply, then pop your lip brush and container in your handbag and you’re on your on your way.

– Once done, wash brush and container for your next mix up.


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