The flower crown



So from what I’ve seen this weekend the flower crown = Coachella? Whatever it equals I’ve been able to make two (one for the besty’s baby shower and one because I was in the mood and still had flowers left over). I’m not really a fan of what stores have to offer (am I ever though?), I find that the in-store flower crowns look way too clean (no layering at all and no one wants 4 tiny flowers sitting across your forehead). Details below on what you’ll need if you’re feeling the crown.

– An actual flower crown to work from (Purchased mine from Looksharp $2)

– Hot glue gun (if you don’t have one, invest, I promise it’ll be super handy)

– Flowers (your choice, I bought mine by the bunch Looksharp and Emax. Break flower heads and leaves off)

Alrighty, from here it’s all you, you choose how you want flowers to be glued on, I striped my headband clean and glued larger flowers across band and worked from there. I prefer my flowers scattered unevenly for a more natural look, but it’s your crown so you do what you feel! I added my leaves as a finishing touch making sure there is a right amount of green.

Questions or just plain old stuck? Email me, I’ll try help and give some sort of advice!


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