DIY Bunting

Don’t like what they have to offer in-store? Well you can make your own! What you’ll need is….

– Thick coarse material (your choice, if you’re like me, you’ll have a pile of material that will one day have good use)

– String (your variety store should have cheap rolls for a couple dollars)

– Cardboard (I used the back cover of one of my husbands books, he still doesn’t know, let’s see if he supports the blog)

– Hole puncher/Hot glue gun

– Cheap super glue

– Marker (I used chalk first, then got tired and resorted to a colouring pencil to mark points of triangle)

Okay, here goes. Draw out your desired shape of bunting on a piece of card and cut out (thanks husband). Use your cardboard cutout and marker on material and trace/cut out bunting pieces. If your putting bunting up against wall use a hot glue gun to stick bunting on string, entirely up to you on how far apart each piece will be. I got a bit technical and did a dot of super glue on the top of bunting in each corner (this hardens edges and makes hole punching super easy, also keeps material from unraveling). Once I had bunting set up with holes punched I threaded  them til’ the break of dawn. 

If you’re very particular and want to make sure the theme is met, why not give them a go! (unless its a green, pink or black and white polka dot party then Look sharp will have you covered).


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