Thrash your fave

Do it! If you find a piece that works well for you, thrash it or invest in more (alright, get 3 pairs in black if you must). My “Thrash your fave” piece is the awesome culotte (no it’s not a piece I’ve recycled from my high school years, I know your thinking it). My thrash it piece gives the illusion of normal sized legs but really in reality my body has a bad habit of distributing weight unevenly (as mentioned Kate Moss on the top and Beyoncé down below).

Sorry shorties, culottes may change you into a samurai or make it look like you’ve outgrown your wide leg pant (growth spurt!). There’s still hope, shorten and taper then you too can be an illusionist!

Pant – Whistle

Top – SES

Sandals – Windsor Smith (how about a heel?)

Bag – Deux Chic

Glasses – Le Specs

Necklace – Karen Walker

Watch – Casio



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