That metal basket

1 in 5 of us probably have the modern metal basket (I made that sound bad but it’s a good thing I promise, it just means that 97,489 kiwi’s have some very good looking baskets in their home and thats me included). I’ve taken mine to another level making it a 2 in 1 basket (winning at life moment).  The table part of my 2 in 1 is actually a round chopping/cheese board that happened to be a perfect fit for my creation (a couple that’s totes meant to be together but just don’t know it). What was once a empty basket for deco, has now become a filled basket/side table for deco. 

Sooo…..I guess I’ll see you around Kmart then, tryna match your metal basket up with a pretty little chopping board?


Chopping/Cheese boardKmart

Throw – The Warehouse

House deco. The Warehouse

Soy Candle  – LMS Co.



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