Vacation piece

We’re all guilty of the crime I call the “Vacation piece”…I know, I know we all travel with the idea of getting “culturally inspired”, so of course you have to embrace that, right? (can I get an amen). I have one “vacation”piece that I can’t part with (we’ll call it a relationship that could be going somewhere). I managed to scoop up this pretty awesome jumpsuit in the Port Vila town market (I made that sound easy. I’m sure I pulled a Hollywood and the husband felt sorry for poor old Netty so he got it for me). The trip has ended now of course (cue in crying baby). Yesterday morning I was feeling game, ready to go above and beyond the shirt and blouse for work and that’s when I saw the vacation piece. I looked it in the jumpsuit eyes and knew it was meant to be. “I can do this, I’ll make it work”(remember guys I do a lot of talking in my head, not the crazy kind). Yet again 10 points to Netty for rocking the Vacation piece at work. So all of you that have sided with team Vacation (here goes another don’t give up moment). Pull out your vacay pieces add, take, sew, throw or embellish make it work work work work work (insert Riri twerking here).  

I don’t think the coconut bra and ie lavalava would count…unless your into that and it is of course your normal attire (guilty again for the Lavalava and there are a few)

Jacket – Ally

Jumpsuit – Port Vila Markets (Vanuatu)

Sandals – Windsor Smith (how about a heel?) 

Necklace – eQUIP


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