Not feeling it?

I know, I know the title screams serious life advice but sorry I don’t have any (If I get a degree in counselling, I’ll let you know or even better Netty Nimo pt. 2). The above is wedding photo 234 of 890, yes there was a lot of “talk a little, kiss a little”; no lies, these were words from our photographer for our husband and bride shots. So what’s the write up about? I call it: Don’t give up on the piece that you hold so close to your heart (insert cheese). See all that fuzz and pearl beading on my dress? Well I had that exact “Don’t give up” moment with my gown! What I thought was gonna be simple but oh so effective was a bit plain for my liking (entirely my fault). I had to carry on with life (the struggle was real). Went to work and had a vent to Abby  – awesome work friend and designer. Abby ended up being the candle in my cave or the Bic lighter in my dark alley. It took 2 kinds of chiffon, 3 packs of pearl beading and my nifty hand sewing skills to make my dress more me. So go on, get in there look through that wardrobe of yours and make your pre-loved items feel loved again.

Wise words from S Club 7 “Don’t stop never give up, hold your head high and reach the top”

I bet your smiling and singing. 


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