When they hear wedding

Yup, title says it all! I recently had my wedding and I tell ya I was the ultimate bargain hunter of all time, I swear prices tripled whenever the word wedding came up. I decided to go all crazy on Pinterest (woop woop) and search for some cool ideas. I came across spray painted bottles, they looked pretty neat so I decided to make my own. Easy to do and fun to spray, did I mention the husband even got in on the act (can you visualise the movie Ghost? But in this scene there’s no back ground music, only the husband telling me how I should spray MY bottles). 

Another thing I re-sprayed these bad boys and have them in my home today.

Glass Bottles – Drink, soak in a bath tub and peel away 

Spray paint – Under coat and your choice of colour. Become CIA and investigate all prices.

Flowers – Real or Artificial (of course I’m a cheapy, so fake it is), buy bunches you like and cut away

Fairy light deco.Cotton on


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